Novus contributes to ‘Love Asheville’ mural collaboration

August 17, 2018

Asheville City Source

From food trucks to a play under the stars, temporary uses and events have continued this summer at City-owned property at 68 Haywood St. Soon a new temporary public art piece will be installed on a portion of the wall surrounding 68 Haywood — one that shows we’ve got spirit, creativity and we love Asheville!

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About Novus Architects
Novus Architects was founded in 1992 by one architect working for one client. It didn’t take long to grow as the demand also grew for our creative process and commitment to exceptional customer service. Today, with offices in Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte, and Jacksonville, Novus has a mission to create highly functional, beautiful spaces that are more than brick and mortar, or fixtures and furniture – spaces that foster human interaction, discovery and deep connection.
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