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PROJECT ARCHITECT – Building Core & Shell (ROLE: Architect Level II – Architect Level III)

ABOUT NOVUS ARCHITECTS Novus Architects is a full-service architecture firm with offices in Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, Asheville, NC, Charlotte,...

First Baptist Church Jacksonville LMA Renovation

A look at First Baptist Church Jacksonville's building that honors the prior design, brings a modern feel, and a timeless quality.

Novus Celebrates 30 Years

Tommy: I’m Tommy Smith, the CEO and founder of Novus Architects.  Josh: and I’m Joshua Allison, Managing Principal of Novus...

What To Look For In A Faith-Based Architect Before Building Or Renovating Your Church

Throughout a church’s life, inevitably, there is a need to improve or revitalize the buildings on your campus. I would like...

Novus Expands Its Reach With Latest Addition of Springline Architects

Novus Architects opened its sixth location in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, with the merger of Springline Architects.


First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL has deep community roots, and a history dating back over 175 years. So, when we were called to help renovate their existing Lindsey Memorial Auditorium, we knew it was going to be a truly one-of-a-kind project.


As the ministry space is used for almost all events of life from birth to death, there are many unique opportunities to consider when designing for worship environments.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Coordination In Healthcare Architecture

At Novus, healthcare projects involve multi-disciplinary services in order to successfully complete the project.

Andrew Pardue Joins Novus Architects

Novus Architects is proud to welcome Andrew Pardue AIA, NCARB, who joins the firm as Director of Healthcare.

The Importance of Dynamic Phasing in Healthcare Construction

As any design and construction professional can attest to, dynamic phasing is a critical component in keeping a project on...

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