Encouraging Development in Early Childhood Facilities

August 19, 2020

Designing Early Childhood Facilities requires special considerations that are outside the scope of traditional K-12 spaces. These dynamic environments allow design professionals to create spaces that are simultaneously experienced by distinct user groups which include children, caregivers, and parents. The spaces should be supportive of caregiver needs, but also designed to encourage a child’s independence and exploration. Additionally, the space should also be welcoming to parents and provide quiet and transition areas for drop off and pick up.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Early Childhood Facility design is creating a space that encourages child-initiated play and development. Professionals have more creativity when it comes to color palette, lighting, and a varied offering to stimulate engagement with the environment through tactile learning items such as gardens and sensory walls. At Novus, the service of providing a safe, healthy, and development-driven environment presents challenging opportunities that are deeply rewarding to the staff specializing in educational environments.

About Novus Architects
Novus Architects was founded in 1992 by one architect working for one client. It didn’t take long to grow as the demand also grew for our creative process and commitment to exceptional customer service. Today, with offices in Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte, and Jacksonville, Novus has a mission to create highly functional, beautiful spaces that are more than brick and mortar, or fixtures and furniture – spaces that foster human interaction, discovery and deep connection.
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