Designing For Industry

August 27, 2020

Industrial design centers on optimization; streamlining processes while simultaneously meeting or exceeding industry regulation and supporting safe work environments for its employees. Although industrial buildings are frequently large architectural installations that often fall within rural landscapes, the large capital investment on these projects lies within and answers the question of what a company is and does. For example, Belle & Evans brings organic air-chilled chicken to market, and although this is less evident from its exterior skin, it is very intelligible with one look at the state-of-the-art processing equipment that lies within its highly sanitized walls.

Industrial architecture ranges from heavy to light. On one end of the spectrum you have your manufacturing buildings, refrigeration/cold storage facilities, and on the other flex office and R&D spaces. Industry, and therefore industrial architecture, is used-to retooling and responding to the market in a rapid yet succinct fashion. For the most relevant examples of recent times we can look to the combined effects of current trade regulations coupled with the health pandemic on the industrial market sector.

Whether we at Novus are designing for distribution, telecom, or heavy industrial clients, the one constant is that we are always asking “what is new?” What is unique about your organization and how can we be a part of the transformative process of housing your companies’ lifeblood in our ever-changing economic environment, while delivering the project that meets the needs of the organization? Facing these challenges, asking the right questions, and responding with tailored and innovative design is the goal of our industrial team.

About Novus Architects
Novus Architects was founded in 1992 by one architect working for one client. It didn’t take long to grow as the demand also grew for our creative process and commitment to exceptional customer service. Today, with offices in Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte, Jacksonville and St. Thomas USVI, Novus has a mission to create highly functional, beautiful spaces that are more than brick and mortar, or fixtures and furniture – spaces that foster human interaction, discovery and deep connection.
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