Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Coordination In Healthcare Architecture

October 16, 2020

At Novus, healthcare projects involve multi-disciplinary services in order to successfully complete the project. The services we offer are activated throughout each stage of the project; from planning and pre-construction to completion.

For healthcare projects, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) coordination is incredibly relevant and our experts are needed in order to ensure safety and comfort to better serve the patients and faculty. 

FFE Services
  • Seamless coordination between the designer, owner, and contractor
  • Provides total project budget and project management
  • On-site delivery and installation coordination of FFE


Considerations involved in FFE

FFE considers all the impacts on the space/environment of the project. There are several key best practices that are always top-of-mind when coordinating for healthcare projects: Workflow, accessibility, sterility, and functionality.

When coordinating FFE for a hospital operating room, for example, involving these best practices is incredibly important. In an OR, sterility and accessibility are key. The equipment present in an OR is specifically designed to accommodate the surgeons and medical staff to allow them easy access in a sterile environment. Equipment booms (pictured) are a good example of these considerations, as they allow the equipment to be suspended in the air rather than on the floor. The advantages involved in having this equipment suspended is the removal of a tripping hazard, improved sterility, allows for flexibility and maneuverability of staff, and provides better space functionality.

The team effort and collaboration involved, working with the users/owners, design team, and contractors, and creating a space that is truly usable for end user – that’s what we do.

About Novus Architects
Novus Architects was founded in 1992 by one architect working for one client. It didn’t take long to grow as the demand also grew for our creative process and commitment to exceptional customer service. Today, with offices in Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte, Jacksonville and St. Thomas USVI, Novus has a mission to create highly functional, beautiful spaces that are more than brick and mortar, or fixtures and furniture – spaces that foster human interaction, discovery and deep connection.
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